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About GDPR

When operating in Denmark, your business is subject to the European GDPR legislation. In practice, however, there’s a considerable room for manoeuvre for companies to organise their GDPR compliance so that it doesn’t restrict the operation and development.


and personal data

Epic Advokater has worked with compliance and personal data for nearly 20 years with the overall focus – before and after the introduction of GDPR – to secure that compliance supports the business.

We help you and your company to make GDPR compliance as practical applicable as possible. On an overall level there are two directions: To secure that compliance 1) supports your business, or 2) affects the business least possible.

Ideally we succeed in letting compliance to support the business – we will always explore all options in this matter. But there can be processes in your company that handle sensitive customer data in one form or another which the authorities will perceive as irrelevant.

We map out all the opportunities and supply you with our recommendation for the approach that has the best long-term impact on your business.