Secure and enforce
your great idea


Do you know if you own the rights to your own logo? Or the app you currently are making great earnings from? As more and more companies profit from digital services, the need for securing your intellectual property rights has become crucial.

The creatives

and their rights

Through Epic Advokater’s long-standing collaboration with creative businesses, digital startups, etc. we have noticed that many companies don’t own the rights for software, homepages, designs (logos, slogans, and photos) and automasations that they believe actually are theirs. And that would be critical for their business.

Often the companies have not taken matters like future use and the overall development of the business into account. That also goes for the relation to suppliers. It can be very costly to obtain the rights once the damage is done.

We work from the fundamental idea that if you own the rights it’s important to have a strategy for how to get the most of your rights as well as how to enforce your rights – your copyright, for instance. You can be certain that if you have something worth protecting, someone will most likely try to copy it.