Legal advice
on the digital court

IT law

The world is digital and all companies exchange data in one form or another. At the same time, the acquisition of machines and robots as well as the use of IT services have become more complex. It all requires crystal clear contracts.

When law

meets IT

Epic Advokater has extensive experience in giving advice on procurement and supply of various IT services, robots, machines, and production plants.

It’s typically a case of long-term relationships between the parties (buyer, seller and/or collaborators). Consequently we ensure that the contract is future proof, for instance in terms of how a party can abandon the agreement without facing major financial unfortunate surprises.

Examples of contracts

  • Procurement  
  • Terms of Use/Terms of Service 
  • Service agreements (SLA)
  • Maintenance agreements 
  • Dealership contracts (i.e. distributor, partnership or re-seller)
  • Consultancy agreements 
  • Development agreements
  • Licensing
  • Agreements on embedded software 
  • Terms of trade for online businesses
  • Agreements on automation of production/warehouse etc.